40 days after assault of Georgia to South Ossetia.

On the 8th of August 2008 in spite of the agreements on peaceful settlement of the situation in the area of the Georgia-Ossetia conflict and in violation of the UN Charter the armed forces of Georgia invaded the territory of South Ossetia and using aviation, heavy and small arms tried to occupy it, annihilating civilian population. Hereby they committed genocide of the southossetian people, practically destroyed the city of Tskhinval and other settlements that led to a humanitarian disaster in South Ossetia. Furthermore they carried out an armed attack on the Russian peacemaker troops, who were in the area of the conflict in accordance to the UN mandate.

Thousands of civilian people were taken away by this terrible tragedy. Blessed memory for those, who became a victim of genocide. Russia mourns for those who were killed and presents condolences to its families, relatives, nearest and dearest.