Joint Counternarcotics Operation in Nangarhar Province

In the early hours of October 28, 2010 an operation of the counternarcotics police of the Afghan MoI aimed at the elimination of 4 drug laboratories was carried out in Achin district of Nangarhar province.

During 3 months law enforcement agencies of Afghanistan, Russia and the USA worked together on the joint operational plan based upon the information of Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Narcotics Traffic Control (FSKN) regarding the possible location of several drug laboratories in some Afghan provinces. In the course of the joint trilateral actions the coordinates of the location of 1 big and a few less laboratories was determined. According to the results of the operation, carried out by the counternarcotics police of the Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan along with the informational and organizational support of the ISAF 4 drug laboratories were destroyed, 932 kg of heroin confiscated and eliminated. Such amount would have made up to 200 million individual doses.

During the preparation for the operation a close cooperation between the competent authorities of Russia, Afghanistan and the USA must be underlined. According to the MoI, this operation is not only the biggest action of the local counternarcotics agencies, but also the first to involve the Russian authorities into its planning: in accordance with a Russian-Afghan intergovernmental agreement two representatives of the FSKN were present during the operation as observers.

The Russian-Afghan and international cooperation in fighting against drugs will be further promoted and strengthened in accordance with the Afghan and international law with the leading role of the Afghan side.

October 30, 2010