On the Plenary Session of the UN General Assembly on the situation in Afghanistan

On November 4, 2010 during the plenary session of the UN General Assembly the situation in Afghanistan was considered. The main idea of the discussion was the need to continue the coordinated international assistance to the Government of Afghanistan under the aegis of the UN for the fastest possible solving of its serious problems in such areas as security and strengthening of governance institutions. It was pointed out that the main obstacles on the way of building the stable Afghan governance system are terrorist activity of extremists and its sponsor – drug trade.

The Russian delegation speaking in the name of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) that is being chaired by Russia, stressed the need for continuing the struggle against the threats of terrorism and extremism, reaching a firm national reconciliation, forming of capable Afghan security forces that would be able to secure peace in the whole country, safely defend the boundaries of the state and fight against drug trafficking. We proceed from the fact that ISAF in Afghanistan must play the main role in providing complex security on the Afghan territory, suppression of the terrorist activity and creation of the effective Afghan army and police. The problem of fighting against the Afghan drug trafficking is still urgent. Its destructive influence and scale are now outside the scope of the region having become a real threat to the international peace and stability. Therefore there is a need for a proper cooperation between the CSTO and NATO in fighting against drug trafficking. The initiative of forming the belts of antiterrorist and financial security with the assistance of neighbour states is still urgent. These belts must help in catching drugs and monitoring the transboundary floods of money that could have been made as a result of illegal drug trade.

On the results of the discussion the UN General Assembly by a consensus adopted the resolution supporting international efforts on political settlement and socio-economic reconstruction of the Afghan state. Russia is a co-author of this document.

November 11, 2010